Going strong — 25 years on!

Going strong — 25 years on!

Here at Bermad Water Technologies (BWT), we’re celebrating a quarter of a century of successful business in Australia.

The BWT story began in 1989, when Bob Stephens became the sole distributor of Bermad products in Australia.

In the 25 years since, we’ve seen many changes and trends in the water engineering industry, as technology evolves and our products become smarter, more advanced and innovative.

Back in BWT’s early days, our main point of reference was a ring binder holding the all important technical catalogue we used to select, size and design each solution.

This well-thumbed book served us well for many years, but as digital came to the forefront, BWT’s business and approach changed, too. All our products are now computer-modelled in both
design and product selection.

We use comprehensive software to model valve applications across a wide variety of hydraulic conditions. It’s a win for engineers and operators because it gives them long term product compatibility. This take the guess work
out of traditional ‘rule of thumb’ calculations.

We provide a real-life understanding of a product’s operating conditions, and how that influences the hydraulic performance of a pipeline.

A great example of innovation at BWT is the marriage between two of our key products: Bermad valves and Euromag magnetic flow meters.

The Bermad control valve provides hydraulic functionality, while the inbuilt Euromag flow meter and pressure transmitter with data logger, enables control and instrumentation.

We’re continuing to innovate and use technology to the best advantage to serve our customers better.

Thanks for making BWT the leader in technical solutions across water control, protection and measurement.

Here’s to another 25 years of success.

The BWT team.