Latest developments from Euromag in Australia

Latest developments from Euromag in Australia

Users in the field sing the praises of Euromag’s MUT2200 range of state-of-the-art magnetic flow meters.

We’ve had a fantastic response to the MUT2200 range of Euromag products, with our customers experiencing the benefits of its easy-to-use panel and remote software.

But the real benefit to users is proving to be the standard active data logger (200,000 lines). If you require a history of flow information, the data logger can help you easily and quickly locate problems at pump stations.

The MUT2200 provides you with the ability to download data into a CSV file from a locally remote-mounted infra-red cable. And it gives you the option to read and log flow and pressure. Up to two pressure transducers can be linked to the meter, so you can see and log pressure and flow at the same time.

BWT is also supplying meters with new 3G wireless communication to the Australian market. This latest product advancement avoids the need for remote and costly RTUs.

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