FP 400Y-3DC Electric Pressure Control On-Off Deluge Valve

    •  Time-proven, simple, fail-safe actuation
    •  Single-piece, rugged, elastomeric diaphragm sea VRSD technology
    •  Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
    •  No mechanical moving parts
    •  Shuts off on remote command
    •  Ensures precise, stable downstream water pressure
    •  Valve position limit switches
  •  Designed for fire protection
    •  Face-to-face length standardized to ISO 5752, EN 558-1
    •  Meets the requirements of the industry standards
  •  Quick and easy maintenance
    •  In-line serviceable
    •  Quick cover removal without detaching control trim*
    •  Swivel mounted drain valves*

* not including 1½” & 2” valves

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